The Langstone Bouquet

As she parked the van, Joan was looking forward to being in the shop alone for a few hours. She still enjoyed the run up to Covent Garden, the colours and scents of thousands of flowers never failed to cheer… Read More ›

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  • Noah’s journey at an end in Jakarta

    Indonesia has banned the film Noah ‘deeming it too controversial based on religious grounds.’ According to The Jakarta Post the Indonesian Film Censorship Institute (LSF) chairman, Mukhlis Paen, said that the institute’s members considered several elements in the film contradicted… Read More ›

  • Sculpting a city

    As per my last posting, Jakarta isn’t really known for having a major arts scene, but one area it definitely excels in is sculpture. I’ve seen dozens scattered around the capital, as well as in other cities, and they always have an… Read More ›

  • Artphoria 2014 aka pavement art in Jakarta

    I would have to say that Jakarta isn’t really known for its arts scene in that its cultural landscape is mostly dominated by glossy, multi-storey shopping malls; endless education and travel Expos; restaurant promotions that are generally buffet stuff-yourself type affairs; clubs and bars that are only really… Read More ›

  • It’s raining, it’s pouring…

    It’s the rainy season right now in Indonesia and the rain is currently lashing my windows as if someone has turned a tap on up above!  Yesterday, there was a rather dramatic cloud formation hanging over my apartment building and I… Read More ›

  • The Visit

    I don’t understand why Mum and Dad always argue about where to go for Christmas because Granddad Joe and Granddad Pat are both really nice. They never ask me what I want and they keep saying that I’m not a… Read More ›

  • Now nothing is private except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull

    How many of you use Facebook regularly? How many of you post pictures, write comments, like friends’ posts or perhaps moan a bit about work or family life, without a second thought? Quite a few of you I’m sure and, like me, most of you have… Read More ›

  • Man Rules. Duh!

    This was posted on a friend’s Facebook page this week – I think it’s doing the rounds. It made me smile but I decided to respond in kind, but definitely tongue-in-cheek MAN RULES!  THESE ARE OUR RULES!  PLEASE NOTE THESE… Read More ›

  • Only 13 years old and already a killer . . .

    Ahmad Dhani is a famous, popular musician in Indonesia, well-known for helping up-and-coming artists as well as for his own bands and successful hit songs.  Last week however his fame turned to infamy when his 13 year-old son, nicknamed  ‘Dul’, killed six people on a… Read More ›

  • Reading = pi r squared!

    I spotted an interesting article on the BBC website the other day regarding reading. According to some recent research, children who read for pleasure are more likely to do better in maths (you can read the full article here).  Amongst other things… Read More ›