Is it possible to say that a 27-year old billionaire inspires you? I’ve just updated my Facebook profile (well, it’s something to do late on a Thursday night!) and added Mark Zuckerberg as someone I personally find inspirational.   Now I admit that the movie version of his life, The Social Network and the real-life geek are practically inseparable in my head and since I don’t know Mark personally, I’ll stick with Jesse’s portrayal.  He’s inspirational because he may well have had he audacity to steal someone else’s idea and make a fortune in the process.  He’s inspirational because he doesn’t seem to give a damn whether anyone likes him  or not (the Jesse version that is): he’s arrogant, narcissistic, a chronic over-achiever and not remotely likeable in any way.  And he’s inspirational because 500 million users can’t be wrong!


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  1. Mmmm, a discussion piece I think, inspirational because he stole, no. Inspirational because he had huge vision, yes. One wonders if he likes himself, is he happy, what is he going to do with his billions?

  2. He’s also inspirational for breaking with the Establishment and leaving school once he had the idea, instead of staying and suffering. He is kind of being used for a larger agenda now, though.

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