It’s finally Idul Fitri here in Jakarta – the end of Ramadan – and all I can hear are fireworks, the sound of baduk (drums) in the distance and people celebrating.  After a long month of fasting it’s time for most families to get together to share a meal and give thanks.  I’ve got nothing but admiration for all those who take part: no food or water between sunrise and sunset requires real discipline in what is often 100% humidity here in Indonesia.  Although it is part and parcel of a muslim’s faith, many colleagues have told me they look forward to Ramadan each year.  For them it’s not just a special time to honour Allah but also a time to show respect to friends and family, to make amends or apologise for any wrongdoings, to actively show that they’re part of a community and of course to pray.  Although I don’t have a faith myself, it’s clear that most people find it both a spiritual and personal journey – I really respect that.


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