Love in a bottle

I was working with some of my advanced students today and asked them to give me five words.  They gave me: hilarious, kill, love, dreams and bottle.  I then made up a story as a prelude to some fluency practice.  Here it is, roughly! 

A man went into Mr Green’s Potion Shop and said “Mr Green, can you help me, there is a woman I love but she doesn’t love me yet. What can you do”.

Mr Green replied “Sir, I have a bottle of love which when drunk will show you when and if she ever loves you.  Or I have a bottle of hilarity which will only show you all the magical, positive moments you might have together.  Another one, the bottle of dreams, will show you how you imagine your love with her will be, and finally, the bottle of death will show you how and if your love for her will end.  Which one do you want?”  The man thought for a moment and said “I will take the bottle of dreams because I would sooner imagine how happy we could be, instead of finding out that we will never be together”.  Mr Green handed over the potion and clutching it tightly, the man left.   Dreams still intact.


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5 replies

  1. yay! the old five word game! I liked reading this – like a parable. You should do more! I wonder how if you could do a series of pieces all based on the same five words, interpreted differently and in various orders…just a thougt!

  2. I agree with Neil, Sally. I immediately thought this would be a great expanded work. It’s just fun to think about the options presented! Your students definitely chose some interesting words…and then, good for you! Debra

  3. This is very interesting Sally!

    I like the idea of it, and I think it would be worth working with it and expanding on it as it has the potential to be a good short story I would think!

    Great job!

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