A poem by a friend of mine

green fields
Those green fields used to be our freedom
Now they’re just giant flea pits that lost all feeling
Of our first kisses, love struck summer sickness
Childhood sweethearts and gold buttercup wishes
I guess that wind’s got to change sometime
I can feel the same scent sometimes run by
When we’d laugh at rain, splash around life’s woes
Fireflies in street lights until the midnight broke
Time goes quicker than the eyes can see
Flowers soon lose colour in your childhood field
Silver lined clouds die down, bright stars ripple
Singing in the rain’s tough, when the raindrops kill you
Then you realise sunshine’s found a new friend
Like blind men in a maze, left to depend
On me, myself and I, but it seems so bitter
When you’ve grown to hate the shadow that stares back in the mirror

This poem is by a friend of mine, Sam Jones, who is an up and coming hip-hop artist, poet and fellow English teacher.  I hope you enjoy it.



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1 reply

  1. Nice and vivid! Tell him ‘good one’ from me.

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