Love in a Bottle: Mr Green

love_in_a_bottle-otherJust last week a man came in who wanted help with a woman he loved but who didn’t love him.  He smiled knowingly when he walked in;  I can offer this guy anything and he’ll take it and if I throw in some philosophy with it, he’s mine he thought unkindly.   He adjusted his tie and put on his best potion-master face.  Then he spun him the best yarn he could about love, hilarity, dreams and death potions and watched the man consider them carefully.  He was particularly proud of the solemnity with which he delivered    ‘I have a bottle of death which will show you how and if your love for her will end’.  He almost laughed aloud as the pathetic man left clutching the Dreams bottle (a vitamin B mix) as he put £50 in the till.

This is an activity from the OU creative writing workbook and a follow-up to Love in a Bottle


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