Simon vs. the Headmistress


Lucky that Mum never notices anything unless it’s written in the kitchen diary or she’d have realised by now. God knows what’d happen to us if that disappeared. The pets would die.  We’d probably all starve.  Jane keeps staring at me with one of her childish ‘I know’ looks, driving me nuts.  Bloody nosy kid, what does she know? The others wouldn’t notice if I’d passed away at the kitchen table.  AG called late last night when I was at the club.  I told him another three weeks. The late nights are killing me but the money’s good, got £750 stashed.  Some pissed up yob punched me last night and then spewed over my trainers.  Lucky I’m so tall he missed my face, even Mum might have noticed bruising.  I’m so knackered all the time. Fell asleep twice at school last week. No-one’s sussed us though. Even after the first time when I thought somebody would know just by looking at me that I’d had sex; no reaction.  Maybe Jane does know?   No, can’t be, too young.  Only three more weeks and we’ll be in Spain.  Doubt if Mum will even realise I’ve left.

The Headmistress

Now that I’m aware of the situation, I must talk to Simon Middleton’s and Antony Gordon’s parents.  I’m not sure whether either of them realise what’s going on, especially the Gordon’s who are noticeably absent in Antony’s life.  I’m concerned about what might happen if other students find out.  The last thing we need at this school is any sort of anti-gay bullying scandal, especially after that stoning incident at the Boy’s Grammar last year.  You only need one trouble-maker and I can think of a few of those in the senior school.  I’d best deal with the Middleton’s first because Simon’s work has already started to deteriorate. The Gordon’s are always difficult to reach as they always seem to be away on business and Antony’s elderly Grandfather is someone I would prefer not to contact about this.  I have no objection to this sort of thing personally of course, but the school’s reputation is my job and this relationship could become a problem for us.

[Part of my OU Creative Writing Course]


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  1. i like this. i would like to read more. i think it can definitely be developed into a longer piece. i would love to know what everybody else is thinking..

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