Introverted Deep Sea Diver

Zanzibar 2003

Harry pressed the send button and sat back in his chair, contented. After weeks of careful research, he’d finally decided that Belize and the Chico Marine Reserve would be his next diving trip. He glanced at his desk diary, a meeting with Bob on pension risk and yet another budget meeting with Janet. It wouldn’t hurt to go over the details one more time.  Harry pulled up the slides and fiddled with a few words, a few numbers, focusing on Bob’s likely questions. He would think about the trip later, when he had more time. Bob always picked and niggled over Harry’s numbers, much more than the others, Cocky Kevin, Self-righteous Steven and Smug Susan could do no wrong it seemed to him.

The clock said 3.50, only ten more minutes.  He closed his eyes and could almost feel the cool water, see the coral, the fish, hear the silence of the ocean. Bob’s face loomed in the depths, the irritating man always went somewhere exotic like Bali or Mauritius and boasted about 5* this and 5* that.   He sighed and glanced again at the clock, 4.00, time to go.  Harry headed for the meeting room.  His mouth was dry.  After ten minutes, it was his turn.  He concentrated on his words and tried to ignore Cocky Kevin’s smirk.  He’d practised a lot with his therapist in the last few weeks and sipped water regularly as she’d suggested, it helped control the stutter.  Bob only asked a couple of questions for once, and finally it was over.

[Activity for my OU course]

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  1. Hey, thanks!Good point! Sometimes I got to learn to let the pictures speak the thousand words that are known for. 🙂 I agree.

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