The green-eyed monster

There’s no doubt he’s a popular teacher.  The pupils all love him and in the staff room he’s always telling stories and jokes, though I don’t think they’re as funny as everyone makes out. Although he’s only recently qualified I’m sure he’ll soon realise that popular isn’t necessarily the best route to respect from our pupils.  They can be vicious with teachers when they want to be.  He seems keen though as only the other day he asked my advice about the Maths syllabus and I spent 40 minutes or so explaining the ins and outs of the new system.  He seemed grateful at the time, but then Sue told me that he’d asked her the same thing two days later, which is just rude.   Last week, I noticed that he was getting behind on marking and I offered to help as I know that new teachers always find the workload daunting.  He was a little curt to be honest but I put that down to tiredness, after all it’s only his third week.   Jane Hickson, the Department Head, is completely enamoured of course, but she’s always favoured the male teachers. Even John, who has terrible halitosis, gets more respect from her than I do and I’ve been here twenty years.  When I mentioned to Sue that they seem to spend a lot of time talking in her office, more than his new status warrants, she said it was probably just work stuff, being a newbie and all that but I definitely think something’s up .


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