Shoes? I just don’t get it.

Someone I know recently arrived home with a pair of black sparkly shoes with five inch high heels. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to go out to wear them.  I couldn’t share her glee because I just don’t get it.  I don’t buy shoes.  I realise this is damned odd, given that I am female but I just don’t feel the need to spend time looking at them, trying them on or lusting after the latest fashion statement in footwear.

I’ve asked friends about shoes and they all look aghast when I say a) I only own about three pairs (all flats) and b) that I don’t own a pair of heels and c) that I have never worn heels.  In my defence I have totally flat feet and in any shoes with a heel over around one inch, I look like a duck on stilts: bum out, chest forward, arms slightly out for balance – basically a waddling movement that reaks of fear.  I know, I know, heels make your legs look longer, add height, elegance (platforms – really?)  but I just don’t understand why anyone needs umpteen pairs of shoes for different occasions.   It is a complete mystery to me.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Do you have shoes for every occasion? Do you sympathise with my lack of interest?  Any comments welcome.


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  1. I have maybe 2 different flats and a few heels (I love heels). Although I do not have a lot of footwear, I seem to have a fetish for being on the lookout to buy boots with heels.

  2. I would rather wear comfortable tennis shoes everywhere than anything else (I know, I’m so fashion forward). I’ve got flat feet, too, so I have to make sure my shoes have good support in them, which means cute shoes are generally out. But then I wouldn’t have any outfits to go with the shoes, so oh well.

    I did actually buy my very first pair of high heels on a whim about a month ago, but just for work. And because I have a pair of dress pants that are too long to walk in without heels. But yeah, generally I want to stay as close to the ground as possible!

    All the best in finding comfortable shoes you love!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  3. I empathise with you 100%. I love long distance walking and I’d rather have a good pair of walking boots – like my beloved 15-year-old Chris Brashers – than the sexiest pair of shoes. I like flat sandals in the summer and comfortable leather shoes for work, as I am standing up most of the time.
    I only wear higher heel shoes (no more than an inch) if I know I am going to be sitting down somewhere nice, like a restaurant, and don’t have to walk very far.

  4. I hardly consider myself a shoe junkie but I love nice shoes, especially those with high heels. I must confess, though, that I would rather try on a million pairs and goof off in them than wear them all the time! Lol. The pretty ones can sometimes be very uncomfortable.

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