#6 It’s enough to drive me to drink

Before I start,  I just want to say that I have been drunk, inebriated, pissed, liquored up, wasted, sloshed, tight and three sheets to the wind on quite a few occasions in my life; mostly at friends parties, in pubs or at clubs (okay, not clubs, discos!).   I’ve had horrendous hangovers, been sick in odd places , fallen asleep behind sofas or in taxis, hidden under the duvet for 12 hours, called in sick and told complete strangers that I love them and I have made a complete fool of myself texting ex-boyfriends in the wee hours.  So this isn’t  a post from a puritan!

I’ve never really been a big drinker, but I have been out with, lived with and married men who are and have friends, young and old, who drink like fish.  So, I’ve spent many an evening (usually as the designated driver) watching people down huge quantities of booze.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a few glasses of red wine or beer, so I haven’t joined the anti-drink society or anything dull like that; I’ve just realised that getting drunk just isn’t me.  So the point of this post is that after many years of observation, I now realise that there are things about drinking and drinkers that are positively BORING:

  • The ‘I’m so drunk’ refrain at intervals of half an hour or less
  • Drinking mugs of vodka before going out to save money and get drunk quicker
  • Telling the same story umpteen times because you forgot you told it already
  • Taking endless photographs to prove just how drunk everyone was
  • Passing out so that someone else has to be responsible for you
  • Throwing up in someone’s bathroom and just leaving it lying there
  • Slurring conversations about nothing
  • The next day, telling everyone how drunk you were the night before
  • Posting pictures to show everyone just how drunk you were

Do you agree?  Am I being unjust? Any to add?  All and any comments welcome.


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6 replies

  1. Mmm. I would far rather get high on dancing, or even on company. Inhibitions go, people relax, we have a good time. Stimulating creativity has that effect on people.

  2. I enjoy a drink, but never get drunk. I don’t like the feeling of not being in control of my own actions or words and having to regret any potential irresponsible behaviour. When I was younger, I cried in the toilet in pubs for being the only person sober amongst my friends: I just couldn’t do it. This made me feel very lonely to the point of not wanting to go out and rather stay at home reading a good book.

  3. I hear you loud and clear! Your list hits the things that come to my mind. I don’t like to drink to the point of impairment simply because the lack of control really isn’t a feeling I like. But I am at times with friends who are quite sloshed, and I get very uncomfortable with the feeling that I probably need to take care of them! Perhaps this is a sign that I’m no longer fun at parties! 🙂 Debra

  4. I really like this post and your blog. That’s why I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. http://thejottersjoint.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/accepting-praise-recognition/

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