Beautiful Butterflies … swooping colours

I’ve just been to Kuala Lumpur to renew my visa.  It was a quick visit, just over 24 hours with an overnight in a nice hotel as a treat.  Apart from a visit to China Town, a quick look at the Petronas Towers and a wander around some shops, I decided to spend what little time I had today visiting the Butterfly Park.  It wasn’t a huge place, but it was beautifully laid out and I spent a couple of hours there relaxing, watching them flit around.  Here are some of the shots I managed to get with my rather basic Kodak Sureshot.  I hope you like them.

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4 replies

  1. I love butterflies. Last year, we went to a butterfly farm and my daughter really loved that experience. 😉

  2. There is something so ethereal and beautiful about butterflies! Awesome in their simplicity!

  3. Gorgeous! What a magnificent spot! I had to chuckle a bit because on my summer list of things to do is take my granddaughters to a “butterfly park” of sorts…at a local museum. It should be a lot of fun for us and really lovely…but somehow I doubt it compares to Kuala Lumpur! Great slideshow! Debra

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