They should all go to Room 101…

If you could choose twenty things that should not have been invented, what would you choose?  Here’s my list of trivia:

  1. Plum coloured hair dye   –   Really, who looks good with this colour?
  2. Barbie   –    She’s to blame for all the breast implants.
  3. Patterned toilet roll   –   A waste of good trees.
  4.  ‘Coffee table’ books   –    Why buy a book just for decoration?
  5. Plastic supermarket bags   –   You know why.
  6. Anti-ageing products   –   Who wants to be reminded?
  7. Double-door fridges   –   No-one needs to store that much food, do they?
  8. Instant coffee   –   Convenient but tasteless.
  9. Self-help books   –   Another waste of good trees.
  10. 7 inch heels   –   Because I can’t walk in them.
  11. Ride-on lawn mowers   –   If your lawn is that big, hire a gardener.
  12. Belly button piercings   –   Won’t be a good look when they hit 70
  13. Loud headphones   –   I don’t want to listen to garage or techno at 7.30am.
  14. Bolsters   –   Does anyone actually use these?
  15. Crocs   –   Ugly, just ugly.
  16. Online banking   –   You can’t actually do anything, you still have to call them.
  17. Control pants   –   Have you ever tried to put these on?  Or take them off?  
  18. Egg poacher   –   Who needs perfectly round poached eggs?
  19. Chocolate spread   –   Comes in bars not in jars.
  20. Head boppers   –   Really, you don’t know why?

So, what would you add to my list?  What things make you sigh inside?


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4 replies

  1. Any machinery larger than a small tractor, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener. And definitely with the leaf blower. I mean didn’t the wind blow them there once already? Why not wait ’til it blows them away?

  2. I do like on-line banking. That’s a major convenience for me. But I think I can agree with the others. I would add leaf blowers to the list, though. I think we could use the exercise with just raking the leaves in the first place and I just can’t stand the noise and exhaust pollution! When I’m in charge…Debra

  3. Crocs would be on the top of the list for me. They are hideous!

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