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One of the best things about living overseas – aside from experiencing a new culture – is the friends that you make.  Now I know that sounds corny – okay banal, trite and hackneyed too – but that isn’t my intention. What I mean is that when you’re living in a different place, some of the collective ‘rules’ you live by at home get swept away. I’m friends with quite a few of the people I share a house with, most of whom are at least 25 years younger than me. If we met in the UK it wouldn’t be so easy: crossing societal borders to be friends with someone so much younger can raise eyebrows, questions and a whole load of unnecessary innuendo to boot. Yet in another country, it’s just not an issue. At home the generation gap seems huge but here, I just don’t perceive one.

Okay I imagine some people would say ‘well what choice do you have, if everyone you work with is younger’ and yes, perhaps that’s true. But I could seek out people closer to my age if I truly felt uncomfortable hanging out with a 23 year old, but I don’t. I admit that I feel the generational difference sometimes, but not enough to worry about. The common denominator of being ex-pats together in another country seems to have broken down the barriers. Well, at least they have for me.

Have you experienced the same thing?  Do you have younger friends at home? Any and all comments welcome.


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  1. Hi Sally, You are right when you say in the “at home” setting you might not become friends with those younger than you. Situations change things up which I am really happy about. I am one of the younger set, late 40ish spending quality time with the 50 plus. At work I have a few younger friends. We need to cross age/generation boundaries so we can grow and learn by mentoring and being mentored and that only comes when the societal taboos are broken. So let’s cross those boundaries intentionally not just wait for that situational encounter. Cheers, Mavis

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