Round round, get around, I get around . . .

This weekend I went on an adventure. A friend at work is a surfer, though due to an injury he hasn’t surfed for a while but he does know some of the best surf spots in Indonesia. Three of us took a long, seven hour road trip that started at 3.30am to have a weekend at the beach. The journey involved winding mountain passes, horrendous traffic and rock-strewn roads but, when we finally arrived at Sawarna on the South coast of Java, it was worth every bone-shaking second.

On arrival we first had to cross a wooden bridge and pay a toll – 14p! After a five minute walk, we reached the village itself. It was about as far from Jakarta as you could get: picturesque with houses painted in yellows, blues and pinks and surrounded by rice paddies, palm trees and mountains: as one local said as we walked through the village to our Losman, ‘welcome to paradise’.

After dumping our stuff we headed off to the beach.  The guys planned to surf, I planned to read a book and look at the ocean. And what an ocean it was!

We spent the rest of the day just chilling out, enjoying the fresh unpolluted air and having, of course, a few beers. The next day we walked to the point. The views were wonderful. I spent the last remaining hours just soaking up the atmosphere. It was a truly relaxing and inspiring weekend.


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