Writing a bucket list? Let’s get serious…

Everyone writes bucket lists these days which is a good thing really, to have goals to strive for. But mine is for my eyes only, just in case some things never get ticked off, after all, who wants to admit publicly that the list is so long or difficult that it may take a lifetime to pull it all off, if at all!  Though I guess that’s the point really – LIFE goals. Anyway, just for fun I wrote another one, but it got me thinking, perhaps we take bucket lists too seriously and frivolous is the way to go. What do you think?

  1. Sing Mustang Sally at karaoke one more time
  2. Watch every series of the West Wing in one sitting
  3. Drink two shots of Southern Comfort without throwing up
  4. Get an ‘I love coffee ’ tattoo
  5. Wear tight pink leather trousers to show off my muffin top
  6. Write a letter to Tommy Lee Jones declaring my undying love
  7. Make origami animals and give them to complete strangers
  8. Visit five shopping malls in one day
  9. Wear high heels at least once without falling over
  10. Get some tiger eye contact lenses
  11. Invite Viggo Mortensen to lunch
  12. Wear rings on every finger for a month
  13. Do a rain dance in the desert
  14. Carve a totem pole
  15. Dye my hair purple
  16. Learn all of Elvis Presley’s songs off by heart
  17. Visit Dollywood
  18. Write a letter to Santa
  19. Dedicate a poem to Jurassic Park
  20. Spray paint ‘Help Me’ on my letter box.

What would you add to this list? Know anyone who has done any of these? Do you have a ‘serious’ list that isn’t happening?


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  1. That is SOME list! You are crazy, in the very best of ways! I own the entire West Wing series on DVD…do you want to come over? 🙂 Debra

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