Tripping the Light Fantastic

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I love the dance.
Swaying waltzes of continuous loops,
jagged tangos that curve hither, thither.

I skim reflections for tiny shadows.
I scout for partners to entice and woo.
A speck draws closer, sashaying promise:
a mosquito in black, the jig is on!

My silver-mesh blades tap out the music,
flittering notes that compel him to twirl.
I wiggle. I turn. I dance him breathless,
my limbs outstretched for the final embrace.

We smooch a while as I pucker my lips:
we kiss. Now the fool lays slick on my tongue.
Oh, how I love the dance.

This is the fourth of a series of poems about the life-cycle of the dragonfly: the predator. I wrote them for the final assignment of my creative writing course.  Any and all comments welcome.


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