The Devil’s Darning Needle

Photograph by Kim McClain Gregal

My end is near,
Beelzebub calls.
A reckoning

for blood, the quarry
hounded:  the last turn
of a short-lived life.

My iridescent light
now darkens, deadly;
my shredded nets creak
as I hunt down sin:
mischievous deeds
of godly folk,
who cower in fear
of my vengeful spike.

My glory-days whisper on
swells as I ride, pitiless
specks relish my shame.
I am enslaved until death:
the Devil’s Darning Needle.
I sew up mouths.

FootnoteDragonflies were called The Devil’s Darning Needle in medieval times. This was based on the superstition that they were a consort of the devil and sewed up the mouths of scolding women, saucy children and profane men.

This is the fifth and final poem of my series about the life-cycle of the dragonfly: death. I wrote them for the final assignment of my creative writing course.  Any and all comments welcome.


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7 replies

  1. The best so far !!! I’m well impressed with these Sallster !! I’m gunna read everone now.

  2. The whole set is just lovely, Sally. A cycle of poems about a cycle of life.

  3. I’ve love this series and your poetry is beautiful! I’ve never heard the term “Devil’s Darning Needle” and just love that! I will indeed be using that one from now on! If you haven’t previously, you might want to think about submitting this poem to one of the many poetry/writing journals. It’s that good. Debra

  4. I have enjoyed each and every one of these poems. It would be wonderful to see them in print – they are so deserving of more attention. I especially like the little snippets of information with which you tease the reader.
    Fantastic work, Sally 🙂

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