Thank heaven it was art . . . and not stamp collecting!

Gustav Kiimt, Forest of Beech Trees

Since I showed you my ‘Magnificent Cow’ I’ve been thinking about why it is that I always have to have some form of art hanging up, before home really feels like home. Now I’m not talking about family pictures or art that “coordinates” with decor, but images that pull a personal reaction from me. My cow, for example, forces me to smile even when my day has been sh*t and and his gaze is compelling and calms me.

Similarly, this Japanese wall hanging, which is on another wall, makes me feel peaceful when I look at it, yet a little sad too.  Neither coordinate with the decor, or with each other for that matter! The picture at the top of this post, by my favourite artist, hangs in my UK home (sadly, a reproduction).

I think this need to have art on the walls goes back to my childhood and the fact that I was always surrounded by it in one form or another. My father did private picture framing in his spare time so when I say ‘art’ I mean in its broadest sense. Throughout my childhood and teens, I watched different people, some artists and some not, truck through our house to collect their precious pictures. My father probably framed thousands over the years, everything from amateur and professional landscapes, portraits and photographs to needlework, decoupage, ‘little Johnny’s first picture’ and reproductions of the classics, to name but a few.

Gustav Klimt, Adele Bloche Bauer

So ‘art’ in its various guises was a constant theme in my childhood and, although I can’t draw or paint and have never had the desire to learn, my exposure to a range of art when I was young has helped shape my attitude towards it as an adult.

I admire painters, whatever their skill level or tastes, love visiting art galleries and, whenever I travel, the souvenir I always want to find is a piece of art from that country. I have already collected quite a few that need to be framed and hung. Unfortunately my father has retired, so I’d better start saving!

What sort of art is on your walls?  Do you have a favourite?  Do you have something in your life that has travelled with you from childhood?  If you don’t what do you wish it was?


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  1. We have mainly paintings and drawings by my husband (Art Teacher), my embroideries and family portraits. The one thing that has travelled with me from childhood is my father’s black and white pictures from the 50s to the 70s and I love to look at them and wonder at how much people and places have changed in such a short space of time. My other treasure are my old book: I just can’t part with them!
    I’ve really enjoyed this blog entry. 🙂

    • Thanks Fatima. It’s great isn’t it how stuff stays with you for so long, not just for sentimental reasons but something ingrained from childhood. As always, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.

  2. The childhood association with artwork applies for me as well. My father was an artist and I have a few of his oil paintings and two pencil sketches on my walls. I am especially fond of the sketches, and have them in my study.

  3. My Grandmother was a watercolour artist and I love art, unfortunately the artist gene missed me completely. The works in my house are currently modern art Roy Lichtenstein and such. We have the three guns going up the stairs (my husbands favourite artist). We also have a watercolour my husband did for me. Best present ever. He also once wrapped all my christmas presents in brown paper and illustrated and painted designs on them. I still have all the wrappings and they are much better than the presents because of the time he put into them. I tell him he should draw and paint more all the time. Phew, that turned into a bit of an Essay – us writers are always a bit wordy.

    • Thanks for commenting – sorry for late reply; I was away on holiday! Lichtenstein is fun! I love watercolours especially – would love to receive one from a partner… a lovely gift!

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