I remember . . .

When the bars cracked;
his refracted light clawed
skyward, shattering
years of dusk.

Hearts stretched taut
plucked raw with tears.
Voices screamed out
to the exultant four winds,
to the blackened pits,
to the nation forsaken.

For this one man’s resolve
For this one man’s conviction
For this one man’s long walk
We all cried: freedom!


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6 replies

  1. Again. The last 4 lines smack home !!! amazing

  2. Oops I thought the photo was of someone else. Can’t tell from the phone, thought it was Martin Luther King, boy I need some new glasses. Guess I need to see who the person is to understand your poem.
    Oops blogging blunder.

  3. Wonderful poem and powerful indeed.

  4. Beautiful post, Sally. I had the opportunity to hear him speak one time and I will never forget it. Your poetry is inspiring! Debra

    • Thanks Debra. I saw him in Trafalgar Square when he finally came to London. He stood on the balcony of the South African Embassy which I don’t think had ever held a black person from SA before; it was unbelievably moving and I remember so many people around me (including me) with tears running down their faces.

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