Sometimes I wish it was just simple.

So, it’s been a while since I last posted anything; life and a really terrible internet connection have intervened. The latter has been endlessly frustrating but it’s part of living in a developing country where things take a lot longer to get fixed than most other places.

After almost a week of no contact with cyberspace I felt bereft, lost almost.  Ironically, I was only recently explaining to some Grade 12 students what life was like before the Internet and other modern technology, how ‘magic’ it all was. I painted a fairly one-sided picture I admit: how because we made our own entertainment we had to be more creative and had more fun than they would ever get from the fanciest of computer games. How we talked face-to-face or spoke on the telephone with our friends rather than send text messages – or even worse, 140 characters of twittering nonsense. How we had quite a lot of freedom as young adults and did a lot more outside the home such as parties, concerts, camping trips, holidays in the UK or overseas with friends (no adults!), group trips to the movies, cycling trips (not me, I was never that sporty!), amateur dramatic clubs (my sister), team sports, rounders in the park and so on. Of course we gossiped, fell out, talked about pop stars and boys/girls constantly and watched too much TV too, just like them, but that wasn’t the point I wanted to make. They all thought my adolescence sounded fun yet awful at the same time as they just couldn’t imagine life without BBM, X-Box and of course, Apple. To be honest, I’m thankful that it wasn’t dominated by computer games, 500 TV channels, text messages and Facebook. But that was then. Now I need my Internet connection to work, goddamit!

On the subject of technology I’ve been thinking about buying a new laptop and decided to research what the major review sites recommended. Well, who knew that typing ‘what are the best laptops right now’ into Google would generate 463 million results!

Eventually I found some recommended sites via a couple of forums but as I keenly scanned each one I realised that they all used different criteria to measure what was ‘good’ and no single laptop rose to the top as ‘the one’ for my requirements and budget.

After hours and hours of surfing, I’ve finally narrowed it down to three mainstreams: the Sony Vaio, HP Pavillion and Lenovo Ideapad. So, if anyone out there has any experience of these and would like to share what you think – please, please DO!

PS.  Oh and please don’t suggest getting MacPro or MacAir, they are both out of my budget plus I just can’t be bothered to learn a whole new operating system! I’m strictly a Windows girl, viruses and all!!


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  1. haha, me too. I have put off getting anything MAC because I am prone to dropping, losing, and having my netbook/laptop stolen! Hope your choice is working out for you well =)

  2. Sally, the best way to find out about any given computer is to go to the websites of shops that sell them and read the customer reviews for the models that interest you. Try Canada’s Future Shop, for example. They have a huge customer base and most models have a fair number of reviews, certainly enough to give you some idea of how actual users are getting on with their purchases. I use this method for all my consumer electronics buys.

  3. How frustrating to be without internet! I think it’s remarkable how we are ALL so dependent on technologies that didn’t even exist twenty years ago! Did you students look at you and wonder if you were born in “prehistoric” times? LOL!

  4. One of my fondest memories about growing up is the freedom we had to play in the streets, chasing and hiding games, like Cops and Robbers or roller skating down the road holding hands, 5 or 6 of us at a time: Priceless! So glad I wasn’t a computer baby.

  5. Great to hear from you! I have been wondering about something you wrote awhile ago. You said that you could not walk in Jakarta, and I was curious whether that was an issue of safety, or traffic, or ?? If it’s none of my business, please ignore, but I am just curious about other parts of the world. I live in the U.S., but in a tiny rural state, and so can sympathize with your internet connectivity issues! Keep writing.

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