Blogger Idol Award…

With many thanks to the wonderfully philosophical writer, Thomas, who nominated me for the Blogger Idol award alongside three other ‘feminine bloggers’.

I have to say that the word feminine made me smile a little as I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly feminine woman, more of a sock ’em between the eyes with some straight talking type! Anyway I digress (more on this topic later).  Here are the four bloggers I would like to nominate:

Erocks things and stuff  who has just written his first book  Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor.  I am full of admiration for his determination to write a novel and get it published.  I enjoy his eclectic postings and his open and honest style of writing.  I wish him lots of success with his first novel.

Rob Slaven  – who shoots some great photographs and writes great taglines to go with them, with much humour.

Live to Write – Write to Live is a group of amazing women writers who inspire me with their attitude towards putting words on paper.  Most of them write for a living in one way or another and their posts are full of useful insights and advice.  A great blog.

Leo at Belated Words who writes a range of inspiring poetry that send me straight back to the drawing board!  I really admire his work and his masterful ability to capture a feeling. All hail Leo!


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  1. Thanks not only for the nomination but even more for helping me get the name of my book out there! haha. I can use all the help I can get! You are very kind, and I will try to get my 4 done this weekend!

  2. I like “sock ’em between the eyes” much better than feminine any day! 🙂 Lovely award and I agree with Thomas, the look of the blog is very nice!

  3. Great nominations, Sally, and I love the new look for your blog.

  4. Many congratulations, Sally! 🙂

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