Alfie, what’s it all about?

Well here I am again after an absence of some weeks.  Okay three weeks.  In that time I’ve finished my latest degree assignment (it did not go well);  I’ve probably put on several pounds due to the fact that I’ve been chained to my laptop blogstockfor hours if not days on end;  I’ve finished teaching my first semester at a school in North Jakarta and am now on my Christmas break;  I’ve cleaned my apartment several times and I’ve watched endless episodes of Law and Order SVU.  What I haven’t done is publish a single post on this blog.  Why not? Well, that is a really good question.

To answer, I decided to devote some time to this problem.  I asked myself some questions, did some research on ‘how to blog’ and here we are.  A post.

Question: Why did I start this blog?
Answer: To support my creative writing course (which finished a while ago)

Question: Why did I carry on with this blog?
Answer: Because I didn’t want to give up. Okay some honesty here, I liked the idea of other people reading my stuff, pressing the like button and commenting (who doesn’t?)

Question: Why am I not posting more often?
Answer: Truth? I’m stuck.  I have a page on my computer with ‘Things I could write on my blog’ at the top in large, bold letters BUT whenever I take a look at it and put my fingers on the keyboard, what happens? Nada, nothing, zip.

Question: What do the ‘how to make the most of your blog’ sites say.
Answer: Well in a nutshell 1) steer away from niche blogs  (too limiting) 2) write about what you’re passionate about (errrr??)  3) think about your audience (as I used to work in marcomms I blushed at this one)  4) post regularly (duh!) and 5) read and respond to other bloggers (phew, a tick for this one).

Question:  Do you like writing?
Answer:  Yes.

Question:  What do you like writing about?
Answer: I don’t know. And there my friends is the nub of the problem.  My creative writing course has ended and the framework of work that went with it. Yet here I am, a woman with a blog who doesn’t know what to write about.  It’s embarrassing.  One of my favourite blogs recently wrote about learning the craft of writing and to improve, practice is what it’s all about.  So, I guess that’s what I’m going to have to do.  Practice. Put my fingers to the keyboard and make myself write something, anything and then, press the publish button and see what happens.

If you’ve experienced this ‘bloggers-block’ I’d love to hear from you.  If not, please share your secret!


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  1. I actually participated in NaBloPoMo this year (set up a separate blog to do it) and I really found it a fantastically liberating exercise in writing and creativity. Forcing myself to actually sit and write and press publish every day often felt hard but then some days, once I got past the initial block, it took me to unexpectedly wonderful places. (Check out this post from my ‘secret’ NaBloPoMo blog – it got Freshly Pressed!!! Unbelievable… So I would agree with Debra – be yourself and write more often. You write wonderfully.

  2. i’m trying to write my proposal for project i wanna do in india !!!!!!! i just can’t put my words on paper!!!!!

  3. I like your blog just as it is: A nice eclectic mix. Always well written. A pleasure to visit. 🙂

  4. You live in a very interesting part of the world, Sally. Take walks around with your camera and just tell us what you see! Anything you add to that is just fine, but the secret, if there is one, is don’t over think! I read so many blogs, and the thing I’ve learned is that I like people who are just themselves. If they even just tell me what they did with their day I usually find it interesting! I hope this helps. Writing more often does tend to make you a little less self-conscious. 🙂

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