Happy New Year!

So here we are, the end of another year. I remember someone saying to me once that as you get older, the years go faster. I don’t agree.  I think it is more a question of how you live your life, if it’s pretty much the same year in year out then probably it just all blends together and so seems to go faster. Anyway, as I’m sure thousands of bloggers elsewhere are doing, here’s a review of my 2012, the good and nend-of-the-world-2012-mayan-calendar-prophecy-670ot so good:

Good:  I’m now only three years away from getting my English degree!
Only three modules left.  After thirty years of not studying anything, it’s been a challenge to get assignments in on time,  write in an ‘academic’ style and get the in-text references right (not managed to do that so far!). In June 2012 I passed Creative Writing and got a great result.  Now I’m half-way through the next module. I’m currently studying the Romantic poets and have just finished chapters on Wordsworth and Shelley. I love poetry but these two have fried my brain! So here is a little ditty to them both:

Oh Wordsworth Oh Wordsworth
I get that you wandered
In vast vales so squandered
But you never pondered
That you’re missing some mirth!

Oh Shelley Oh Shelley
I get that you gazed
On a mountain so praised
No doubt it amazed
But it turns me to jelly!

Romantic you might be
Poets enlightening
With stanzas like lightning
And images frightening
They’re a mystery to me!

Good:  I lost some weight.
Given that I was a hefty gal when I arrived in Indonesia, I’m now pleased to report that I’ve dropped two dress sizes.  I can now get into the size 12 jeans I brought with me (as a reminder that a few years ago I was “slim”) but unfortunately I can’t actually breathe, bend at the waist or eat in them so not quite there yet!

Good:  Stopped reading horoscopes
I’ve read them for years but decided enough is enough. Weaned myself off them about 2-3 months ago with no noticeable difference to my life. A miracle!

Not so good: I still can’t speak Indonesian that well.
Everyone tells me that Indonesian is one of the easiest languages to learn and it is, really it is. There is no verb conjugation, the main grammar rules are relatively easy and so it’s just a question of learn vocab and practice. I have no excuses.  None.

Not so good: I have watched too much TV
I have a large TV with free cable and I’ve watched it far too much this year. I need to unplug the damn thing and do something else.

Not so good: I haven’t kept up with the news for months and months
Particularly ashamed of this one as I have Internet access and that damned TV.

I could go on. Instead here are some pictures that remind me of 2012:


Sawarna, Indonesia


Farewell to EF Dinner


Hmmm, attractive!

Dancing the night away!

Dancing the night away!

SMAN4 Kids I taught

SMAN4 Kids I taught

A trip to KL

A trip to KL

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2013 brings you all much love, laughter and happiness.


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  1. Quite a year Sal, love the poem and the photos. I think the years do go faster as you get older, they fly by, perhaps it’s because I am 60 now OMG!

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