Oodles of Doodles!

I love art, always have, but tend to think of it in terms of paint on canvas – a limited view I accept. So imagine my surprise when I discovered art in a very unlikely place: Google. Purely by accident, whilst researching Shelley (again!) I hit ‘I feel lucky’ and was sent to a page about Google Doodles. Now we’ve all seen these at the top of the home page but have we really taken a good look at them?  I know I haven’t. Well, according to their site, Google started doodling in 1998 when the founders played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. Since then the company has created over 1000 doodles for homepages around the world. I’ve only ever seen the US or UK versions, so I thought I’d take a look around. I was surprised by the variety of images, the sheer number of country home pages and Google’s attention to detail in terms of cultural relevance.

They always use the Google letters somehow, but I was amazed at the creativity they have managed to encompass into six letters.

Jan Evangelista Purkyne's Birthday, Czech Republic

Jan Evangelista Purkyne’s Birthday, Czech Republic

Jan Evangelista Purkyne  was a Czech experimental physiologist who helped create a modern understanding of the eye and vision, brain and heart function, mammalian reproduction, and the composition of cells.  Wonderful image published in 2009.


Karen Blixen’s 125th birthday, Denmark

Karen Blixen, aka Isak Dineson, wrote one of my all time favourite first line’s in her novel Out of Africa:  ‘I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills’.  The film, with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford is definitely one of my favourite movies.


Cezanne’s 172nd birthday.

Of course I had to find an ‘artist’ somewhere and here is Google’s homage to Cezanne. Fantastic.This was one of their global doodles, though I don’t remember seeing it.  Do you?

This one I love, Charles Dicken’s 200th birthday celebration for the UK, which again I don’t recall seeing.  It was a global doodle and I’m sorry I missed it.  They managed to incorporate about 12 of the most famous characters, including Tiny Tim.  Isn’t it wonderful?


Charles Dickens 200 Years

And finally my favourite artist, not my favourite painting, but you can’t have everything! Another global doodle.


Gustav Kilmt’s 150th birthday.

I’m so glad I accidentally found this site, I think they’re great and good for Google for investing in artists to produce such great images. Aren’t they marvellous; digital art at its best.  What do you think?

Source for all images:  Google Doodles.


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  1. great post, very interesting, I knew nothing about google doodles

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