Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

I’m tired and have to admit that I’m not in the right mood to write  today, so instead I’ve posted some pictures! I also just realised that I’ve been writing this blog for almost 18 months, which has flown by! Thanks to to everyone who has taken the time to read what I’ve done so far; I really appreciate your comments and thoughts.

So today’s post is about a few of my favourite things. Since I live in Jakarta in a very small apartment, I am trying not to accumulate too much ‘stuff’! Obviously I’ve had to buy the usual day-to-day things (the bare minimum actually) but I’ve also made sure I’ve got a few items around that are there just to make me smile: a lovely wooden Buddha I bought in Bali, the nougat I am currently addicted to, a new bag that cried out to me over Christmas, a hand-made quilt from a craft fair in Jakarta,  the trusty helmet that saves me every day and the photo collage that adorns one of my walls.

Wall Pictures

Photo collage from my travels


My lovely new bag



Hand made quilt

Hand made quilt


My trusty helmet

Favourite sweets of the moment

Favourite sweets of the moment

Despite this display of things, believe it or not I’m not really a materialistic person. I don’t own a car, I have an 8 year old laptop, my mobile phone is 5 years old, I only bought a flat-screen TV last year (prior to that all I had was a portable TV) and my only nod to the latest technology is an IPod, which I absolutely love.  To be honest, I get more pleasure out of art, photos, books (of course) and crafts than I would ever get from acquiring the latest gizmos, so if I do buy ‘things’ (which isn’t that often)  it tends to be along these lines. What about you? What are your favourite things? Are you a collector, a hoarder or more of a lets-not-collect-too-much-stuff person like me?


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  1. my favourite things is a fab song.I got a phone in 2012. My first phone and I am 51 yo. I resisted for many years. I walked into many grade 9 classrooms and said I didnt have a phone or an internet connexion. Their mouths turned into little caves. a herd of blowflies could have flown inthere and they would not have noticed. The first question that they asked after the initial shock was How do you live? Easy I said just breathe air and take up space. They had no answer just misbelief. this yearwell i mean last year I gave in to the urge and got a phone. I never carry it though . I gave it to my wife so she could use it.I don’t much like cars but sometimes I need to get from a to b so i amforced to drive. Trains and buses are more fun. walking is more fun again. Yes ilike stuff though . I like my clarinets ,my music my books and more importantly my loved ones.

  2. Like you, I am not materialistic and I rather travel and collect experiences than ‘things’. So much so that my hubby and I are thinking of selling the house when we retire and just travel in our motorhome. The funny thing is that the things I’m going to find hardest to part with is our photo albums (before digital photography came along), the pictures my husband has painted (he’s an art teacher) and our books! Not sure what to do with all those things…

  3. Lovely things. I don’t collect anymore, I want less now rather than more, perhaps it is an age thing with me. Onethought though, i think you could treat yourself to a new lap top , more practical than luxury!

  4. My husband would like for me to be a lets-not-collect-too-much-stuff person, but I am a collector and a hoarder or angels, bears, and books. Our place is small, so my husband had to set a limit. “If you can tell me where you are going to put it then I will let you buy it.” I always find a place. 🙂

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