A blue hot water bottle and a coin.

Jakarta Skyscrapers

Jakarta Skyscrapers

Next week the topic for my Grade Nine class is buildings.  I actually enjoy looking at different styles of architecture and have seen some wonderful examples on my travels, but I definitely couldn’t have cared less about them when I was a teenager, so how do I make them interesting for my students? Having spent several hours looking at a load of YouTube videos and Google images, I think I’ve found a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my lesson plan. I’ve decided not to delve into the history of architecture, as it is too large a subject for what will be three or four lessons, so instead I’ve compiled a presentation depicting buildings around the world, with a focus on the newer ones (i.e. not the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal). Frankly I was stunned by some of the buildings I found online and not all of them were in Dubai!! They are all phenomenal feats of engineering so I’m hoping that my students will be rendered speechless with awe at the imaginative prowess of our modern architects or if I’m really lucky, I might even hear the odd ‘wow’. This should give them enough ideas to design a future building…  write about it…  present it to class…  debate whether money should be spent on designing buildings rather than health, education…  or whatever else I decide to include.

Unfortunately, Jakarta is a city somewhat lacking in the iconic building department. The down town city view in the picture above could be anywhere really, as no building seems to really stand out except the mosque, stubbornly squatting among the skyscrapers. I did a search on Google and Wisma 46 has some flare, but compared to other cities, there really isn’t much to brag about.

Anyway, below is the slide set – hopefully you can pick out the hot water bottle and the coin. Enjoy!


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  1. I liked the Banknote Building and The Snail House — and that very last one. I would think even teenagers would find those images interesting. At least for a few minutes.

  2. Wow! I’m amazed some of those buildings actually stand up! I am sure your students loved that project! Thanks for sharing.

    • They were fairly enthusiastic and, to my surprise, a lot of them chose Ripley’s Building as the one they liked the best – I blame computer games for that choice!

  3. It is amazing to think of all the right and left brain input needed to balance the aesthetics and utility of the building.

  4. Great slide show, Sally. I especially liked the basket building. If you have a moment, check out some photos of the Vancouver Planetarium. It looks like a flying saucer, but the roof design is modelled after the woven hats worn by the Coast Salish tribe of aboriginal people who live on the southern BC coast. (Just Google coast salish hats.)

  5. These are amazing architectural works of fantasy and art! I loved seeing them. The basket was my favorite! 🙂

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