Fishy and doomed!

On my way to a lovely meal with a friend last weekend, I spotted these fish in a tank outside a nearby restaurant. They all had amazing colours, especially the lobster but also looked pretty miserable. Maybe they knew deep-down that they were doomed to be put on a plate!

ipod april 019

Panulirus Ornatus or Ornate Rock Lobster

ipod april 024

Acanthistius ocellatus or Eastern Wirrah (possibly!)

ipod april 027

Blue Flowery Cod (maybe, not sure)

ipod april 021

Cromileptis Altivelis or Barramundi Cod / Polkadot Cod


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8 replies

  1. I don’t think I want to eat anything this pretty! Or unusual! 🙂

  2. I am not sure if fish have the ability to look happy, say like dogs do!

  3. The colours all look a bit dubious to me!

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