Blogging the hard way

salHmmmm….. I’ve only managed to post twice in the last couple of months, how embarrassing, given my good intentions at the beginning of this year (I told you I was rubbish at keeping New Year’s resolutions!). On the plus side, I’ve just realised that come August, I will have had this blog for two years, which amazes me quite frankly as it doesn’t feel that long ago since I started. Although my number of followers is small (but perfectly formed) compared to others, I am still chuffed that other bloggers have taken the time to read, like, comment or follow my somewhat eclectic collection of scribbles. AND I finally hit 100 followers about a month ago! So THANK YOU!

So this is what I’ve learned about the wonderful world of blogging …

  1. It’s easy to start a blog*
  2. It’s not easy keeping a blog going
  3. It’s good to write a list of potential topics at the very beginning BUT you will soon realise that a) they are in fact not remotely interesting, b) another blogger has already done some of them better, with bells on and c) writing a list about what to write is anally-retentive
  4. It’s not a good sign when you are sitting in front of a blank screen, fingers poised and all you can hear is an annoying-in-your-mind-voice shouting ”who are you kidding”
  5. It’s not conducive to building readers if you only write one post a month … really, it isn’t
  6. It can be surprising just how many people still visit your blog even if you do only write one post a month
  7. Regarding 6 above – this is not because your writing is phenomenal, it is because – actually I’ve no idea why
  8. It is pointless to endlessly change headers and/or colour schemes in the vain hope that this will get more readers
  9. It does help to change themes sometimes as this can reinvigorate your writing but, don’t buy a premium theme if you need to be reinvigorated regularly, you won’t want to waste the dosh
  10. It’s positively mind-blowing when you see that Moldova (where?), Nepal and Panama are listed in the countries-that-have-visited-your-blog list
  11. Getting Freshly Pressed is statistically unlikely, given the number of WordPress bloggers, so forgettaboutit
  12. If you don’t write regularly number 11 above is more than statistically unlikely it is bloody impossible

but seriously (as many other bloggers have stated on their ‘what I’e learned about blogging’ posts):

  • Read other blogs, like them, follow them, comment on them – it’s all about community
  • Always reply to comments promptly – or you are essentially sticking it to your readers
  • Be careful regarding images, always attribute if you can – some bloggers have had problems over this
  • Try to write consistently – if once a week is all you can do, then write once a week, every week

and finally, if you do write a blog post like this – what I’ve learned etc etc – make sure you take your own advice!!

Ciao for now fellow bloggers – see you soon (hopefully!!!)

**Thanks to WordPress who makes it very easy for us non-technical people!


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7 replies

  1. Very interesting points and thank you for sharing them with your readers. You’re so right in saying how thrilling it is when people in the remotest of places read what you write! It kind of makes it all worthwhile. I love being in touch and ‘making’ friends with people I will probably never meet, but who regularly like and comment on my page: it’s like having a whole new family of like-minded people.

    I only blog after I travel, as I keep an old fashioned diary about the places we visit and our views on them. I do not publish them until we come home unless there happens to be a very ‘fast’ internet connection somewhere along the way, as I like to include relevant pictures to make blog more pleasant and break up the writing and this can take an awful long time. I aim to publish two a week, but I realise this can leave me weeks without anything to write about until we are on the road again.

  2. I love your list, Sally! I think it’s best to just not worry about statistics or followers, and enjoy the ride! Write when you can and it’s always good to see your name and face in the reader! I am very slow these days to keep up with the reading. The time that goes into that is daunting, but I am always glad when I make the effort. It’s fun connecting around the world. 🙂

  3. Always happy to see a post of yours in my feed! I like to read your blog because it is well written, interesting, and honest.

  4. Very true, I look forward to next weeks post

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