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  • #1: On job hunting

    Despite the odd sneer from younger relatives, I’m not a complete dinosaur when it comes to the digital age – I have a modern mobile phone, fast broadband at home, an HDTV and a hot pink digital radio!  I’ve also  emailed… Read More ›

  • Fist Fall

    The beads of sweat dripped into his eyes, the man oblivious to the falling spheres.  An ashy cigarette hung from tapered fingers down to an ash grey carpet. His eyes glazed, not drugged this time but shined by unwanted tears.  She… Read More ›

  • Red Ball Moving

    The red ball bounced rhythmically as the girl concentrated.  Malcolm saw her through the rain-smeared glass and memories of his only daughter rose up menacingly. When the disease took her, then his broken wife and then his own soul, Malcolm… Read More ›

  • Yellow Haze

    He stood in the shadow under the lamp, a cupped hand, a tiny light and the sucking sound of addiction. Every night he’d watched, waited; the thin yellow light driving him crazy with frustration.  The window across the street was… Read More ›