Just Thoughts

#7 Feminine, me? Nah!

Femininity. What is it exactly? One dictionary defines it as ‘the quality of looking and behaving in ways conventionally thought to be appropriate for a woman or girl’. I guess the key word in that description is ‘conventionally’ which essentially… Read More ›

#3: On being single

In this post-women’s-movement-post-feminist-post-Thatcher-post-just-about-everything really year of 2011, it must be sadly acknowledged that nothing much has changed when it comes to society’s views on the single woman.  To paraphrase Austen: ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman,… Read More ›

#2: On not being a mother

“Does that mean you won’t ever have a grandchild like me”, he asked innocently. What a question to answer.  And to ask.  I sat there blinking trying not to look like it mattered.  Indonesian people – especially children – are… Read More ›

#1: On job hunting

Despite the odd sneer from younger relatives, I’m not a complete dinosaur when it comes to the digital age – I have a modern mobile phone, fast broadband at home, an HDTV and a hot pink digital radio!  I’ve also  emailed… Read More ›