Just Poetry

The truth hurts

A planet of marble rolls in one hand. Slippery, slight. A weapon. You feel it burn in the quiet night. Spilling its bile in blue veins; its endless circle clinks, bumps, noses the edges of sleep, disturbing dreams. A planet… Read More ›

The Ancient Song

You  cut through the breaking dawn, its dew quivers, scattering notes; you waft high on the night air, swallowing stars to forge heaven. Your music floats its ancient song stirring sleep piercing souls calling believers to prayer.

I remember . . .

When the bars cracked; his refracted light clawed skyward, shattering years of dusk. Hearts stretched taut plucked raw with tears. Voices screamed out to the exultant four winds, to the blackened pits, to the nation forsaken. For this one man’s resolve… Read More ›

The Devil’s Darning Needle

My end is near, Beelzebub calls. A reckoning for blood, the quarry hounded:  the last turn of a short-lived life. My iridescent light now darkens, deadly; my shredded nets creak as I hunt down sin: mischievous deeds of godly folk,… Read More ›

Tripping the Light Fantastic

I love the dance. Swaying waltzes of continuous loops, jagged tangos that curve hither, thither. I skim reflections for tiny shadows. I scout for partners to entice and woo. A speck draws closer, sashaying promise: a mosquito in black, the… Read More ›

A Dazzling Levitation

I am a shard of white-wired lace, a sun-tipped glimmer faced with precious stones; I am a rider of coiled crests, a rainbow lustre glints on silken wings; I am a dragon of callous stealth, a cunning slayer of redundant… Read More ›


When Mother calls my planet fissures. I slither free; gills flap as I suck on silt. I am born in a misty realm of brackish juice; it sways, undulates, casts me adrift. I am alone in the murk, curled by… Read More ›

A Duet

A stranger clasps her; they quiver in flight. A twinning, a ritual of dutiful fever. Her jellied orbs plop into marshy waters: a careless womb of sludge and slime, where creamy pearls fade into inky depths to settle, to slumber,… Read More ›

The Leaf Sweeper

At dawn I tramp to clusters rich; with carpets of spindles, slick with dew. I twitch and flick in piles and piles that stalk like shadows, lengthening. Winds catch peaks, twirl them up then set them down, apart. Rains too… Read More ›