A Dazzling Levitation

Photo by Steve MacKay

I am a shard of white-wired lace,
a sun-tipped glimmer
faced with precious stones;

I am a rider of coiled crests,
a rainbow lustre
glints on silken wings;

I am a dragon of callous stealth,
a cunning slayer
of redundant prey;

I am a son of the water world,
a mirror of life
underneath the foam;

I am a stripe of unending light,
a flame vibrating
primeval rhythm.

I am fearless. I am warrior.
I am king of this dominion.
I am Tonbo.

Footnote: Tonbo is the Japanese word for dragonfly.  They are symbols of courage, strength, happiness and joyful energy.

This is the third of a series of poems about the life-cycle of the dragonfly: he is now in his prime.  I wrote them for the final assignment of my creative writing course.  Any and all comments welcome.

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5 replies

  1. haha. Love it. It’s got a good sense of humour. The last line “I am Tonbo” works perfectly, Made me laugh.

  2. I just love dragonflies. They are all over my backyard this summer and I’ve been taking photos! This is a wonderful poem, Sally! It really is special. I feel like it would be beautiful printed out and framed. It somehow inspires me! Debra

  3. Enjoyed this. Somewhere, in a box, in the garage, I have actual photo prints of dragonflies taken years ago. They are beautiful. I like your poems and look foreward to read all that you have and will post. Leo

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