Sculpting a city

As per my last posting, Jakarta isn’t really known for having a major arts scene, but one area it definitely excels in is sculpture. I’ve seen dozens scattered around the capital, as well as in other cities, and they always have an interesting quality; imposing, quirky, humorous, historical or just plain weird!  The two snapshots below were taken outside a shopping mall and, since I really enjoy sculpture, I’m going to try to snap as many of the Jakarta sculptures that I can find over the next few months!  I really like the heart with arrows…. what about you?

100_3445 (2)

100_3444 (2)

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4 replies

  1. They are FAB! So original! I can see why you like them.

  2. I really like the heart with arrows. That’s tremendous. The lacey items of apparel are interesting. I don’t care for them particularly, but I might if I saw them in open space. They are are at least unique! But the heart…great!

  3. Heart full of arrows, but still standing! I look forward to more and as always – happy to see you in my Reader.

  4. I also love sculptures and I think these are great, looking forward to seeing more

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