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  1. fanbloodytastic. I love it Sall. You’ve really captured the feeling with words.

  2. This poem gave me goosebumps! Does that term translate to you? 🙂 I loved it! You mentioned once before getting accustomed to waking with the call to prayer. But it must be soul-stirring! Yes, early morning would be hard to take! oxo

  3. it used to annoy me when I heard it back when I was visiting Indonesia. Do you live in Java? I think if I understood what it meant I’d be moved. But I love the power of your words here. it’s loud but silent

  4. I’ve never heard the call to prayer live, so to speak, but it is always haunting. It probably loses it’s mystic if you live in a culture where you hear it daily. Love your phrase,”swallowing stars to forge heaven.”! Don’t hear enough of you! Leo

    • You are a sweetheart Leo! Actually I still like hearing the call to prayer (except the 4am call which sometimes wakes me up!!). It really is an ancient song…one that has echoed (pardon the pun) through time; its an amazing thing.

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